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Hi, I’m Mitch Tobin, a Colorado-based photographer, videographer, multimedia journalist, and FAA-certified drone pilot

For more than two decades, I’ve been exploring, filming, analyzing, and writing about the American West and beyond.

I’m primarily a landscape, nature, and wildlife photographer, but I’m always looking to expand my skills and view the world through a new lens.

I cherish time spent outside and my passion for photography competes with my love for skiing, biking, hiking, and other sports.

Mountains and alpine pursuits are some of my favorite subjects to photograph, not only while standing on terra firma but also while using my drone.

I’m a bit of a weather nerd and I'm fascinated by astronomy, so I love to photograph the sky and celestial objects.

My goal as a photographer is to continually see the world in new ways and savor special moments for myself and others to experience.

I'm drawn to photography because it offers a powerful means for expressing myself and the chance to feel the joy, love, and flow of creating art. It's also a fun, challenging, and never-ending journey!

My perspective on photography has also been shaped by my experience as a journalist, which began on the text and print side of the industry. As a reporter at the Napa Valley Register, Tucson Citizen, and Arizona Daily Star, I had the good fortune to work with and learn from many fantastic photojournalists. Toward the end of my time in the newspaper industry, I started shooting photos to accompany many of my stories.

I’m now the director of The Water Desk, a journalism initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder's Center for Environmental Journalism

I grew up on Long Island and graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. I earned a master’s degree in political science from the University of California at Berkeley. I now live near Durango, Colorado with my wife, daughter, and dog.

I welcome inquiries and questions. You can email me at mitch@seatosnow.com or call me at 303-330-9487. I'm @mitchtobin on Twitter and @mitchelltobin on Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the photos and look forward to hearing from you!


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